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Are you ready to join a new kind of team?

At Lake View Charter School, we foster a positive work culture that emphasizes family, community, relationships, and social-emotional well being. Our team members are valued as professional educators and an integral part of fulfilling our mission. 

Joining our Lake View team will open the door to a nurturing school community. We offer a variety of programs, thoughtfully designed to help you develop as a professional educator, create connections, and build lasting relationships. From enriching staff development opportunities to field trips, park days, and events, there's always something happening to bring us closer together.



How we are treated as staff is incomparable. I've never worked in an organization that was this good to their people, that not only talked the talk of how to treat their people, but walked the walk. 

Erika Barrish, Homeschool Teacher (HST)

Erika Barrish, a woman smiling

Work Environment

As an independent study charter school, there are no physical buildings or classrooms for students. Positions are remote with occasional travel required. Homeschool teachers will meet with families in person at an agreed upon location, such as a library, park, or coffee shop. Virtual Academy, Intervention, and Special Education teachers meet online with students using Zoom.

Located within the greater Sacramento area, we have three administrative offices that provide quiet work stations and team meeting rooms for staff members to use. Additionally, every staff member is provided with a personal Zoom room for virtual meetings.

All teachers and staff are encouraged to join our community program activities including park days, clubs, events, and field trips. These take place at local parks, community centers, or at field trip locations in and around Northern California.

Our Values

At Lake View Charter School we believe in:

  • Building Relationships
  • Respecting Staff
  • Valuing Parents
  • Choice in Education

At the center of our values lies the Homeschool Heart. Educators desiring to be part of our Lake View team should support personalized learning. Along with critical thinking, we prioritize curiosity, creativity, and holistic student development. We allow students the opportunity to explore subjects deeply and at their own pace and believe in the power of homeschooling. 

For a comprehensive listing of job opportunities and to begin the application process, please explore EdJoin.

Support team smiling together at a Staff PD Conference

Professional Development Initiatives

Our staff at Lake View is connected, well-informed, and adequately prepared to fulfill our school’s mission. From engaging monthly staff and instructional team meetings to our annual professional development conference, our administrative team is committed to providing all team members with the tools necessary to achieve personal and collective success.

Current Job Openings

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