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Working together, credentialed teachers and parents design a learning plan that meets a child's educational needs. We offer a variety of curriculum and enrichment resources which are extremely flexible and customizable to support you with homeschooling your students.  Lessons will be assigned to guide the student through the year and help the student to stay focused and on track. Our ultimate vision is to encourage a love of learning and instill an intrinsic motivation that will ultimately follow the student through their educational journey. 

Personalized Learning

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Your teacher works together with you to choose the curriculum that best meets the learning needs of your student.

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Virtual Academies

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Our Virtual Academies are uniquely designed online courses that are taught live, twice-weekly, by high qualified teachers. 

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Special Education

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Our program is designed to meet the unique educational needs of children with disabilities who meet the eligibility criteria under the law.

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Adventure Academy

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Adventure Academy engages learners by offering a variety of virtual and in-person classes which are thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of the whole child.

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Unique and Flexible Education

Providing a customized approach to education. 



Why are assessments important to our schools and students?

These tests are just one way to assess student learning, but test-taking is an important life skill! Additionally, these assessments give information to show student growth and provide a deeper understanding of how to guide instruction. School-wide assessment data is an integral part of our Local Indicators that aid in our charter renewal and WASC accreditation. Lastly, this data helps our school make decisions and plan school programs to support you and your students.