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Adventure Academy

Two girls working on schoolwork outside

Choose Your Own Adventure

Adventure Academy launched in the Fall of 2021 with six classes and two teachers. One hundred five students registered for our very first session and almost every single class sold out within the first few hours. Class offerings and enrollment for the first year continued to grow with parents, students, and teachers asking for more.
Today, eight dedicated teachers make up our Adventure Academy Team. With more than fifty classes each session, our Adventure Academy program served 800 students last year. Parents choose Adventure Academy classes to supplement core content instruction and enhance the in home learning experience. Adventure Academy classes encourage curiosity, innovation, and growth, and are a popular option for our TK-8th Grade learners. Many of our classes also offer optional meetups and field trips to help families extend learning beyond their home and engage with other homeschoolers.


Virtual Classes with Hands-On Learning

ADVA Testimonial #4

The classes offered through SG are so incredibly awesome. My daughter wants to be in them ALL. The classes aren't fluff, either. They're learning a lot in each 8 week session. Those hours actually give you a breather, as a parent-teacher, too. 

ADVA Teacher Testimonial #3

My son has taken two Adventure Academy classes and has LOVED them. I am so impressed with how ADVA teachers are able to make Zoom classes engaging and fun for our smallest students, like him. The class that had a meet up scavenger hunt was extra fun!

ADVA Teacher Testimonial #2

My families have loved their Adventure Academy classes!! They have become an essential part of their learning plan this year. The lessons are so creative and the teachers do a wonderful job modeling for our parents.  ADVA keeps the learning active and fun.

ADVA Teacher Testimonial #1

My families have LOVED the variety of classes you offered this year. Thank you for the hard work you put into providing these wonderful opportunities for students!

Meet the Adventure Academy Teachers