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Homeschooling High School clone

Homeschooling High School at Feather River

Homeschooling is the heart of our organization. By partnering with us, families benefit from partnerships and support through family liaisons, the community programs team, and their personal credentialed teacher. Homeschooling with Feather River Charter School can incorporate:

  • A child's optimal learning modalities
  • Academic support including interventions
  • A variety of curriculum options and platforms
  • A wide variety of enrichment resources, materials, and experiences
  • School-sponsored learning, enrichment, field trips, and student activities.
  • A blend of virtual and in-person support
School teacher high-fiving a high school student
Homeschool teacher speaking with parent at a parent meeting.
High School students reading and chatting with a teacher

Four Family Liaisons at the Sequoia Grove table at a Homeschool Conference.

Need more information? Join the liaisons for an Info Session!