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Virtual Academies

What is the vision?

The Virtual Academy program at Sequoia Grove partners with students and the entire learning team to promote student success in core subject areas in a safe, online learning environment. Our High School Virtual Academy provides virtual instruction, both synchronous and asynchronous, to meet the unique learning needs of all students.

HSVA offers two options for learning:

  • HSVA-Live! classes meet 2x per week in Zoom + asynchronous assignments for the rest of the school week

  • HSVA-Edmentum is 100% asynchronous and utilizes the Edmentum platform to deliver quality instruction with a variety of accessibility tools

Classes are offered in all core subject areas and are standards-alight and taught by caring, supportive, and experienced credentialed teachers. HSVA currently offers the following a-g approved classes:

  • English 9-12

  • Pre-Algebra*, Algebra I-II, Geometry, Integrated Math I-III

  • Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

  • World History, US History, Government, Economics

  • Spanish 1-2, German 1

  • Art I

  • Leadership, Academic Decathlon, Military Science

*Pre-Algebra is NOT a-g.

All of our HSVA teachers have a single-subject credential in their subject area and are considered to be highly qualified teachers. They all have experience working with homeschool students and in an online learning environment; and are trained to safely and effectively use Zoom, Schoology, and Edmentum to enhance the learning experiences of our students.

a close up of a group of teens

HSVA supports my learning by having interesting classes that draw me in and not push me out.


Why Virtual Academies?

  • Sequoia Grove instructors

    All VA teachers are employed by Sequoia Grove and are part of your student’s learning team!
  • Credentialed teachers

    All VA teachers are credentialed in their subject area and are experienced, online teachers.

  • Community

    The VA’s are a great place for students to build positive online relationships with each other and their teachers, while learning safe online skills and boundaries.
  • Options

    Students can take classes how they choose - synchronously, asynchronously, or both!
  • Compliance

    Assurance that all standards are taught, work samples are provided, and grades are assigned.