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1,000 Hours Outside

Isaac in a soccer jersey smiling at the park.

Student reaches a big milestone in his journey to reach 1,000 hours outside!

Have you heard of the 1,000 Hours Outside challenge? Ginny is a homeschool Mom who is passionate about getting her children (and herself!) outside every single day. Noticing a difference in her family, she challenged other families to venture outside whenever possible. 1,000 Hours Outside offers free printables to track hours spent outside with the goal of reaching 1,000 by the end of the year. Simple changes, such as studying outside, are especially encouraged.

One of our very own students was up for this challenge. Isaac has been working toward his 1,000 hours since January of 2023. He and his family have filled the hours with time spent at the park, swimming, visiting National Parks, and playing soccer. Isaac's family was excited to share that he recently reached 750 hours!! Way to go! 

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